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Dear all… we paused

Life has that funny way of, getting in the way.  I guess that's what happened to WWMS over the past two years. Cindy is testing the waters with a new career, budding romance and new grandmother status times two. Joanna, our starring new entrepreneur,  is cultivating...


The best lobster bisque … it’s that time again!

Thinking about making something different for New Year's Eve? Lobster Bisque is a festive, filling soup that let's your friends know you care enough about them to make something special. I'm not going to tell you that this is one of our super simple dishes but...

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Carmel Sauce

My grandmother, Sadie A. Shafer made the best carmel sauce for us when we were growing up. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get her recipe before she passed away. But fortunately for me, she taught me to love cooking and to experiment with foods. So I think I have...

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Cleanse for Thanksgiving Day food hangovers!

We all love it, do it and regret it! Ahh, Thanksgiving dinner, it is simply the best holiday.  You know the drill, preparing all day for your families favorite dishes, setting the table and blasting through the first plate so you can have room for seconds before...

Jay what?

Roasting the Thanksgiving Bird

THANKSGIVING, It's all about the…food, family, football, friends? How would you finish the statement? In my family, it's all about turkey,stuffing,mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie; except for Jay, for some reason he thinks it's all about the ham. Ham Jay? ...

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Every time I party, I want to hook up with someone. Is this normal?

Drugs and alcohol can make you feel sexually uninhibited. The feeling is pretty normal. But don't fall into the drunk hook-up pattern. When you do, you'll forget your protection, have sex with someone you wouldn't normal have sex with or worse get yourself in a date/rape situation. In most cases, these hook-ups won't turn into a meaningful relationship.

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BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs

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