Holiday Decorating-have some fun!

bird ornament
Once you have found the "perfect" tree for your home, then the real fun begins, decorating! I switch between white lights and multi-colored lights.  It's either all white or multi-colored for me!  If it's multi year, then everything is multi including the window candles each having...

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Talking Turkey Part 2

So you have followed the instructions on cooking a turkey.  Now what? Where do you put the knife in for white meat, how do you get the drumsticks and wings off this bird? Sharpen your knives and let Jamie Oliver show us the way to carve a roasted turkey.  Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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Talking Turkey-Thanksgiving side dishes

This is my favorite part of preparing a Thanksgiving meal for my family.  It's all about the veggies, so if you have a few non bird eaters, there is plenty of food for them. How about a Vermont classic, corn fritters, or a cold brussell sprout dish or a squash ratatouille? [caption...

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Talking Turkey Part 1

Thanksgiving is almost here and for some, cooking a turkey is a daunting task.  But in fact, it's really one of the easiest holiday meal entrees. First, take a look at your oven and make sure it's big enough for a whole turkey.  If it's a small oven , you might consider cooking...

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Fall Vegetable Saute

Here's a super simple and delicious recipe that can be used as an entree or side.  This dish is full of good fiberous vegetables and can be served with lentils or brown rice to make it a super food! 1 small head of cauliflower cut into small pieces 1 small head of broccoli...

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Potty-mouthed Princesses and Wisdom from a Witch

images A friend, a young woman I truly respect, shared this video on her FB page.  After seeing it, I posted it myself with a warning.  I knew that some people would find it offensive, in fact, I wasn't sure how I felt about it myself.  But after some thought,...

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Eggplant Parmesan

eggplant 1
Eggplant is a versatile vegetable.  It can be fried, broiled, grilled and mashed.  But an all time favorite recipe for this veggie is eggplant parmesan.  Have olive oil,eggs, breadcrumbs, tomato sauce and Italian cheeses on hand. This recipe can be done ahead and baked later. Check...

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Dear all… we paused

town for twitter
Life has that funny way of, getting in the way.  I guess that's what happened to WWMS over the past two years. Cindy is testing the waters with a new career, budding romance and new grandmother status times two. Joanna, our starring new entrepreneur,  is cultivating the entire West...

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The best lobster bisque … it’s that time again!

Thinking about making something different for New Year's Eve? Lobster Bisque is a festive, filling soup that let's your friends know you care enough about them to make something special. I'm not going to tell you that this is one of our super simple dishes but it is worth the time. [caption...

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Carmel Sauce

carmel 2
My grandmother, Sadie A. Shafer made the best carmel sauce for us when we were growing up. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get her recipe before she passed away. But fortunately for me, she taught me to love cooking and to experiment with foods. So I think I have come up with a sauce...

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