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Postagram…the postcard app

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Just heard about this cool app Postagram where you can actually create a postcard from your photo library, and they will send it off in the US mail for 99cents.Today it seems with cameras in cell phones, facebook photo albums, and Instagram, is there really a need for a postcard app? True the days of sending postcards is a bit old school but postagram let’s you send any photo from your library, so the postcard is totally personal and unique. coque samsung galaxy There is something to be said for having a photo in hand! Photogram can also be used as a great marketing tool. Coque Huawei Soldes You can keep particular clients notified with a personal photo that certainly has a better chance of being read than a generic ad. coque pas cher samsung s8 As an example, let’s say you are in the business of renting your property. Coque pour Huawei You may want to send a photo of a your property in a new season or special light to a list of former happy renters, in the hopes of inspiring them to rebook. Vente Coque iPhone There could be many different applications depending on your business and budget. I love the idea of thank-you postcards created specifically for each recipient. Who wouldn’t welcome a note of appreciation with a picture chosen for them! There is of course the obvious use of sending postcards to your friends and family for the simple pleasure of sharing the sights while you are traveling. Much more fun with a snap shot which includes your smiling face! The app is free.

Summer Olympics… Inspiring

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The opening ceremonies were full of tradition and surprises… Countryside scenes, traditional, historical music, British humor, British legends, and Royals. I thought the filmed scenes of the queen with the James Bond character was sensational. What fun and whimsy! Good for her to allow that and be part of a fun joke at her royal highness’ expense! Good show! Thank you Danny Boyle and England! London is a fabulous city. It looks as though it was well planned. Good job! What was Mitt Romney so concerned about anyway? A city that moves people and a central location for all events. I have heard that they didn’t have the crowds of people they were hoping for. Evidently that is a recurring problem with the recent, past 10, 15 years of Olympiads. They plan for hoards of people to attend, even building new hotels and restaurants hoping for boosts in business and hiring more staff in anticipation and in the end the people stay away and the locals leave town fearing the discomfort and inconvenience. I guess now is the time to go. Coque huawei After the Olympics are done and everyone is leaving and the rush of the excitement is still present. Rooms are discounted and air fares are also low to encourage the end of summer travelers. I miss the Olympics. It was great to have so many choices for entertainment in the evening. I love my Tivo and recorded the daily events and could go back to anything. The swimming and the gymnastics were exciting. The track held me amazed at the incredible feets in just second… A flash of time and records are broken. The human being at a physical peak takes their body to the edge… and then does it again… The Beach Volley Ball…. To think that Beach Volley ball is an Olympic sport! This speaks to present times not the past. It was introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, a demonstration event, and has been an official Olympic sport since 1996. We, the USA teams, have won gold in either men’s or women’s since 1996. Right on team.

I personally find the uniforms rather revealing, almost sexually exploitive for media purposes. I am sure there are those at home watching for reasons other than athletic interest now. They do look very containing, and supportive. I would say that of all the sports now. The athletic attire has become rather like extreme costuming. They were joking on TV about a man’s penis and whether he was aroused for the medal ceremony… Well so what if he was, or perhaps he just has a larger one… just like women’s breasts, they come in different sizes and shapes and these things are hard to hide in the skin tight minimal clothing specially designed for the teams… It was an exciting moment for him and with all the men and women in such evocative attire how could he help it in that moment, and with the snug fitting, form revealing uniforms how was he to hide it. Where? Really! But then the Olympics of ancient Greece and Rome were done naked! The human body being celebrated and the athletic prowess rewarded. coque samsung pas cher Of course, I love to watch the sports that I have enjoyed doing myself. As a young girl in gymnastic class, didn’t we all imagine ourselves at the Olympics… Remembering Nadia, Kathy Rigby… Cathy Rigby went on to acting and you could find her guest staring in a role on a TV series for a while. Then she really blew up on stage with her teaching Peter and Wendy to FLY on Broadway in Peter Pan. On the diving board when a child is asking her mom or brother and sister to rate their dive, we play at our own little competition with ourselves, wanting to do our best. The crazy fun I had with my sister when we would attempt the synchronized swimmers upside down movements or the apparent lack of above the water as they hold a pose gracefully never showing the manic paddling that it takes to keep a leg poised upward and then jut it up suddenly in synchronicity with others on the team. Wow! Remembering the old movies with the swimmer movie star, Esther Williams! I haven’t been to any of the Sea or Ocean amusement parks since I was young.. Oh no I forget the bay area Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, California. coque iphone france I think they call it something else now. Surely there is an ocean theme park that employs these amazing anonymous athletes that spend much of there performance time holding their breath. I am thinking in Florida. While we play at our sports, some are taking the play seriously and making it a life passion, direction, and later profession. I do miss the days when the Olympic athletes could not be professionals. that when they would only become endorsed or advertised after they decided to leave the amateur status and that had to be a big decision whether to pursue another 4 years of intense Olympic aspiration driven training with out the financial backing of any large business. In history many Olympic athletes were working a day or night job while striving to find time to train. I am sure there are still many who do, but so many of the athletes today are supported by the sporting companies. The rock stars of the Olympic games are able to support their training and have major contracts with their sponsors well ahead. I wonder what the past athletes would have accomplished if they were able to have an extra 3 to 4 hours in the pool, while their mother looked on, free to drive them and spectate because she didn’t have to take a job to support her gifted child’s pursuit of the coveted Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I am sure families still have a challenge to deal with the intensity and demands of supporting and encouraging the gifted athlete, but the ability to now have the financial support of commercial sponsors is powerful. I do miss the simpler times of the amateur athlete at the Olympics. It seemed to be a more pure sense of competition. Just the athletes without the business and money behind the advertising. coque huawei livraison rapide Many would retire from Olympic pursuits just so they could cash in while the offers were still there for them. coque imprimé huawei pas cher Now we have Olympians who return for 3 even more games. Amazing that you can, but also wonderful to stand back and feel your success and open the door for others to experience the opportunity after you, the same glory. I would list the names of all the US Olympians, but that would take more time and we know so many and we just watched them. I was amazed daily with the athletes from all over the world…. The swimmers, runners, vaulters, jumpers, racquet swinging, shot put hurling….You know who you are inspired by. I imagine the work and skills that are developed by these athletes and in some way covet their incredible abilities… Their natural ability was a gift of birth and their dedication and perseverance to perfect their moves and pursue an excellence such that few will ever achieve at anything in life. Bravo… I admire and applaud you.

Beauty and the Oscar

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Last blog I spoke about meditation and suggested you look into yourself to discover the inner beauty that lies within us all as a key to spiritual growth. coque huawei pas cher Today I am posting pics of last night’s Oscars most beautiful, an event which confidently flaunts the glamour of the material world and outer beauty of our movie stars. coque samsung Aren’t they stunning? What is beauty anyway? Here is Webster’s answer:


[byoo-tee] Show IPA

noun, plural -ties. Coque pour Huawei

1. coque huawei pas cher

the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense satisfaction to the mind, whether arisingfrom sensory manifestations
(as shape, color, sound, etc.),a meaningful design or pattern, or something else
(as apersonality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).

2. etui samsung a8 2018

a beautiful person, especially a woman.


Supporting your Neighborhood Movie Theatre-Hurrah for the Oscars

Friday, May 25th, 2012

In the world of supersize and digitalize, it is refreshing when small a business is successful. Success doesn’t always mean making a large profit but supplying a much needed service, like movies. Coque huawei Outlet Our local theatre, Village Picture Shows in Manchester, Vermont does just that. With local Vermont specials of $5 movies, high school students running the ticket booth and owner, Shelly Gibson, behind the popcorn machine. It’s as hometown as you can get but with top billed Oscar nominated movies. There are theatres with couches and some serving wine and beer. coque huawei There are also ones that serve a complete dinner. All these tings make going to the movies a real night out! When I was a little girl, every Saturday afternoon was spent at the Sewickly Theatre watching Hayley Mills and Romano and Juliet. It was sad when they closed and turned it into a mini mall. Coque iPhone 6 Don’t let that happen in your neighborhood. Coque pour Huawei pas cher If you haven’t caught the Oscar winner, don’t be a couch potato. coque iphone d’occasion Get away from the computer, grab a friend and watch a movie with your neighbors at your local Independent Movie Theatre.


Sunday, May 20th, 2012

It’s time to start thinking about making some plans for heading up to VT, coque de samsung galaxy s3 June 14-16 for the music festival of a lifetime…THE FRENDLY GATHERING!!! Plan on camping out, coque iphone outlet store relaxing, coque de telephone samsung galaxy j5 and listening and dancing to the music under the beautiful skies of Glebe Mountain. coque Samsung Galaxy S7 Take a look at this line up!!Last year’s Frendly Gathering was a huge success, but this year is guaranteed to be even better! Gather up your frends and get ready for an epic weekend Vermont style.Get your tickets now.

Buenos Aires… Walking Tour

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

I just spent Easter weekend in Buenos Aires: Sola… No son’s to share the day… Sorry boys I didn’t get the chocolate and chewy Easter things to you before I left. I am sucking this year with the holiday accoutrements. Thanks Nick, for dealing with my neglects at home. coque samsung s8 plus I am sure the dogs were happy that you boys passed through in my absence. So Buenos Aires… In a nice hotel. After spending 4 nights in a cabin on a rocking ship with wind, rain, and snow, I wanted a nice big bath tub to soak in. I got it After a quick 2 hour tour driving around the city to get bearings, and a lovely lunch at the hotel, I took my map and headed out… Easter is busy like any other Sunday in Buenos Aires. Many people live in the high rise apartamientos and so they come out to enjoy their city. The art in the city central public areas is really astounding. The architecture of the past is grand… I should say GRANDE. It is European, international, and elegant.

Some new works of sculpture are around the city also. coque samsung galaxy s8 A large blooming flower…

Floralis Generica

By Eduardo Catalo

An homage to the beloved Eva Peron.

The sad thing is the filth and garbage that the people abuse their surroundings with. Dog shit all around. I watched it happening and had to watch my step on the lawns and pathways that kids are playing soccer on and people are picnicking on.

Homeless too. Reminding me of home in the bay area of California. The weather is comfortable and there are public places where there is adequate space for temporary shelter.

So I heard from the hotel personnel that Easter is a day to share a lunch with your family. Church before and then an outing or back to work. Not like the major holiday we make of it. It is the Springtime break that schools take, though.

One important stop on the morning driving tour of the city was the La Catedral Metropolitana neoclásica de Buenos Aires. The 19th century, neoclassic catedral is located at the intersection of Riodavia and San Martin. Looking more like a school of law, the stern exterior does not speak to you of the classic beauty of the art in the interior. That is the reward when you look inside. Church on Easter Sunday? Not my usual Easter routine, but on this Easter Sunday I was charmed to be in such an inspiring exalted atmosphere!

The mosaics, the typical and always precious alcove altars all around honoring families, saints, and heroes of the country and the history. The mausoleum of General San Martin, honored persona historical de Argentina is in this cathedral. It is watched over by a pair of guards. On this warm day the soldiers were well taken care of with a fan plugged in for their comfort as they stood guard in the heavy uniforms.

Across the square from the cathedral was the street market of the weekends, found all throughout the huge city, just as you would find in the New York neighborhoods. The booths of many venders… Many tacky paintings of the Tango… rather graphic naked tango poses amongst them. The flea market used clothing and appliances along with the art booths.

The green space public area of Buenos Aires that I was walking through resembles the central parks of cities we know: New York Central Park, the Boston Commons, San Francisco Golden Gate Park. They are all different, it is the idea of the green corridor in the cities that is the similarity. coque iphone pas cher Several of these parks have some of the cities great museums located in or on the fringe of the park. Coque huawei Outlet I found several museums as I walked. I wanted more time, but time was limited so I chose to go into the MALBA, the Museo de Arte Latinamericano de Buenos Aires. The museum was interesting architecturally with the internal layout, a smaller gallery on the bottom floor, then a tall escalator to upper galleries. After I enjoyed the lower gallery and made note of some artists I especially liked, I went above to find a dynamic exhibit from home: Bye Bye American Pie.

I didn’t make it to this one pictured below, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes… Just not enough time.

I did make a stop at the Japanese Garden. It was my initial destination… My distance point to head to and return from. On Easter Sunday it was full of families and couples… Grandparents with grandchildren and their parents… their children… It was a decent park, but not with the overwhelming beauty of my favorite in Golden Gate Park, but then I am sure I have a prejudice here. It looks like there are cultural programs going on here in the center. I am sure it is a gift to the community and the Japanese who live here have a cultural center to connect in.

Enjoying the feel of the city and wishing I had just one more day.

Floral Art, Floral Business … Bouquets to Art continued…

Monday, May 14th, 2012
MY neighbor had a flower shop in Santa Cruz… coque samsung galaxy Downtown on Pacific Avenue. Coque huawei Outlet Then the Bonny Doon Flowers moved into the new New Leaf Market. She has since sold that and continues to do her floral design business from her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
The Bouquets to Art is on tonight, and through the weekend. coque samsung galaxy s8 Your local museum may do something similar. My sister told me her Boston art museum also had this type of special event. Look for it on their calendar. coque samsung galaxy Another crazy way for people to be creative.
Are you a lover of flowers and you just think you enjoy doing it for your parties and for friends and family? Well, maybe you could actually make a business from this hobby or passion of yours. I have done the floral arrangements for friends and family, for weddings and school functions, probably saving friends thousands of dollars on their events. coque imprimé huawei pas cher Perhaps you can do it on the side and collect some clients for weekend parties and then larger events like weddings and when you have a strong enough client list, you can take it all the way and have your passion support you.
Your life, your passion….

Mary and Max

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Animation, claymation, I don’t usually watch movies involving any kind of ‘mation’ unless I’m entertaining a 7 year old, but Kylie introduced me to a film I have to share. ‘Mary and Max’, a film by Australian writer and director, Adam Elliot, is a black comedy. It is fascinating to see, a work of art. coque iphone pas cher It’s heart wrenching, funny and bittersweet. ‘Mary and Max’ opened the Sundance film Festival in 2009, it’s been around for several years, so you may already know of it. I had never heard of it. In 2004 Elliot won an Academy Award for ‘Harvey Krumpet’, a 23 minute animated short, and made history being the first gay man to thank his boyfriend. That, I remember. coque de samsung galaxy s3 ‘Mary and Max’ is a full length film describing the friendship of two misfits who will break your heart. Coque huawei According to Wikipedia, Elliot calls all his works “clayography”, somewhat biographical and based, loosely, on friends and family. Max, voiced by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, is based on a NYC pen-pal, who is Jewish, obese and has Asperger’s Syndrome. Mary is a poor, neglected 8 year old in Australia, coping with her alcoholic mother and looking for a friend. coque iphone pas cher It’s often dismal, sad, but touching and insightful and in the end, there is an element of hope. It is a really lovely movie and claymation has earned my respect.

Summer Music Festivals-what to wear?

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Dig out those cut off jean shorts, head bands, coque huawei en ligne tattoos, coque Samsung Galaxy S8 face paint, offre Coque Huawei head dresses and flowering dresses, coques Samsung pas chères it’s summer and time for the festivals. Here’s just a few shots from last years’ Frendly Gathering. coque iphone en ligne Thanks again to Ali Kaukas and her excellent photo skills! Hayley,

A Woman of Character, or Just a Character? Shelburne Museum

Monday, May 7th, 2012

This weekend, I fell in love. coque iphone I fell in love with The Shelburne Museum, another Vermont gem that I had never taken the time to visit until now, but, more importantly, I fell in love with the woman who created the museum, Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960). Electra grew up, in a NYC mansion on Fifth Avenue, surrounded by priceless works of art, many by the French Impressionists, she traveled the world with her wealthy parents who collected treasures from Europe and the Orient. Imagine her mother’s chagrin when at age 19, Electra purchased her first piece of artwork, a wooden Indian from outside a cigar store in Connecticut. coque iphone en ligne ” I wanted to collect something that nobody else was collecting,” Electra explained. Electra was a true non-conformist, while her peers were establishing those huge marble summer homes in Newport, RI, Electra and her husband chose to summer in Vermont, where his family lived. She hunted bear and caribou, travelled to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, often the only woman on the expeditions. In WWI, she volunteered to drive an ambulance in NYC. coque iphone pas cher Nutsy, gutsy, fun loving and intelligent, Electra was passionate about everything she did. When her collections threatened to take over her homes in Vt. and NY, Electra combined them with a collection of wagons , carriages and sleighs belonging to her husbands family , purchased a small piece of land in Vt, and began collecting buildings. The Shelburne Museum was born. She collected a railroad station, a covered bridge, a lighthouse, general store and one room schoolhouse. Perhaps most impressive, the steamship, Ticonderoga, is now happily docked on the lawn at Shelburne. Talk about re-cycling! Truthfully, this woman has captured my imagination, she easily travelled among the crowned heads of Europe and the farmers, carpenters and blacksmiths of Vermont. She respected the work of ordinary people and saw their creations as extraordinary works of art. coque imprimé huawei Electra did what made her happy.