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Friday, April 20th, 2012

It’s time to start thinking about making some plans for heading up to VT, June 14-16 for the music festival of a lifetime…THE FRENDLY GATHERING!!!  Plan on camping out, relaxing, and listening and dancing to the music under the beautiful skies of Glebe Mountain.  Take a look at this line up!!Last year’s Frendly Gathering was a huge success, but this year is guaranteed to be even better!  Gather up your frends and get ready for an epic weekend Vermont style.Get your tickets now.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Calamari In The Bag

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

What’s in the bag?  Squid and seasoned flour ready to be fried up here for this family party! That’s right making some delicious calamari.  It’s that simple.  Put some flour in a bag with some salt and pepper.  Add cleaned squid cut into slender rings and add to bag.  Shake to coat.  Fry up in small batches in a hot frying pan with some light olive oil.

I like to serve it with fresh squeezed lemon.  A spicy tomato sauce is always welcome for some dipping.  The trick is do no overcook  (just 3-5 minutes) or the calamari will get tough.  Also like all fried food this must be served immediately.  Drain on some paper towels, salt and serve.  Enjoy this and other quick and easy recipes in our whatwouldmomsay cook book.

Shrimp Marinara Spill With Jack Mitrani

Friday, March 16th, 2012

My son Jack Mitrani is not only a pro snowboarder who goes big in the half pipe…  he’s also a great help in the kitchen, despite the mess!  Here he is lending a hand to serve some delicious shrimp marinara for a big family party.  Thank-you Jack Ryan!

Shrimp Marinara is an easy and festive dish to make anytime.  I like to saute the shrimp in a separate skillet with lots of fresh garlic and hot pepper flakes, and then combine them at the last minute with the pasta and marinara sauce.  Garnish with some fresh basil and parsley, (and blot up any spills with some paper towels!)  and you will have a fantastic dish your friends and family will rave about. And take it from Jack..always better to take a spill in the kitchen than on the snow!

Floral Art, Floral Business … Bouquets to Art continued…

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
MY neighbor had a flower shop in Santa Cruz… Downtown on Pacific Avenue. Then the Bonny Doon Flowers moved into the new New Leaf Market. She has since sold that and continues to do her floral design business from her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
The Bouquets to Art is on tonight, and through the weekend. Your local museum may do something similar. My sister told me her Boston art museum also had this type of special event. Look for it on their calendar. Another crazy way for people to be creative.
Are you a lover of flowers and you just think you enjoy doing it for your parties and for friends and family? Well, maybe you could actually make a business from this hobby or passion of yours.  I have done the floral arrangements for friends and family, for weddings and school functions, probably saving friends thousands of dollars on their events. Perhaps you can do it on the side and collect some clients for weekend parties and then larger events like weddings and when you have a strong enough client list, you can take it all the way and have your passion support you.
Your life, your passion…. Believe in yourself and you can do it.

Candy and Flowers for your Valentine?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you

Silly but it is all about sugar and flowers for the traditional Valentine.If you are buying for a boy friend, why not a nice potted African violet or some fragrant bulbs such as a pot of narcissus, or a hyacinth, both named for male gods and with interesting stories, though not really complimentary as narcissus liked to stare at his reflection in the water.

For a woman, anything! Not daisies though unless they are her favorite. They don’t even smell good, although the idea of their simple innocent  beauty is a powerful message.

You can still order chocolate and flowers on line for delivery tomorrow. I have sent my favorite men, my sons, Vosges Haut Chocolate. They are really unique, yet a bit expensive. They have spicy chocolates, and chocolate seasoned with spices from all over the world.

See’s Candy was a favorite growing up in California. Really excellent chocolate. My favorite is the bourdeau  truffles, having nothing to do with wine and everything about the rich butter cream filling.

Maybe a simple yet not so simple chocolate bar from the grocery. My favorite markets carry the great quality of Scharffen Berger chocolate bar for the discerning palate. Simply and elegantly packaged, not to distract you from the full bodied flavor inside.

So roses are always Nice, a bit cliche, but if they are in good shape and have fragrance you can’t go wrong. A single rose is just as sweet as a bouquet. No need to over do it. It is all about Love in the end and if you have that then you have a lot. Those of us who are single would love to have the love… But we don’t even get the chocolate and flowers unless we buy them for ourselves.

Viva l’ amour

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Well, well…it’s the day before V-day and if you’ve had no time to get your special someone a gift, don’t despair.  There are plenty of last minute ideas that are thoughtful for this special holiday about love.

There are always the gift certificates that you can pull right off line.  iTunes is always great for a gift card and if you have the time you can instantly send a special song or playlist as a personal gift.  Get creative.   Order a set of Frends headphones to listen with.

Many local places offer instant gift certificates you can print for anything from manicures, massages, to your favorite stores and restaurants.   Print a personal Valentine coupon from this site or create your own.

I say when in doubt…think food!  While a nice dinner out on the town is always a good idea I find Valentine’s Day can be over booked, over priced, and over rated.  If you have the time cook a simple meal like Sally’s heart shaped pizza, or always a good idea a delicious pasta.  Maybe splurge on some lobsters which are easy to cook at home if you’ve never tried it.

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match.  How about making something decadent like strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue.  This is a fun for two or a party.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day. Keep in the spirit of love and friendship, and whatever you do you will have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Chicken Pesto Pasta…with love

Friday, February 10th, 2012

One thing I love to do is cook for my sons Luke and Jack Mitrani and their frends because no one appreciates it more.  It’s a habit I got into traveling around with them all over the world at snowboard events.  It’s easy to understand that they get sick of being on the road and long for a home cooked meal.

Recently, I was visiting SoCal where my son Jack lives with his best friend Kevin Pearce and this is the meal they requested.  Chicken Pesto Pasta and a salad.  Can’t beat it.  I cooked it up in a big skillet and served it in the middle of the table.  Everyone loved it. If you’re looking for a pasta that works for a party I heartily recommend trying this one.

Super Bowl Sunday Party

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Oh yeah, the big game is this Sunday and for many it’s more than a football game…it’s a partay.  New York Giants vs New England Patriots and Madonna is singing at half time.  A perfect excuse to gather a group of your friends together to watch the game and that’s right eat.

Super Bowl is all American style and all about easy party foods  Check out our cook book at whatwouldmomsay for some ideas for making your party one to remember.  Everyone loves chicken wings.  Try these jalapeno cheddar  wings, or some chile.  If you are ordering a cold cut platter for sandwiches try making some home made potato salad or  Sal’s cole slaw. Everyone loves my cold ziti salad.  The list goes on.  Ribs are easy to make and a crowd pleaser.  Serve with creamy macaroni and cheese.

Super Bowl Sunday is about fun.  Doesn’t really matter whom you’re rooting for, just make sure you do it with some good food, good friends, and dance shoes for half time.

Super Bowl 2013 Foods Wars-Manhattan VS New England Clam Chowder

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

There’s a war going on in football this weekend, Superbowl XLVI. It’s an east coast battle, New York Giants against the New England Patriots. A story that has been played out for much of my adult life between the two great cities.  Not only do they produce great football, baseball and everyday slang but food as well. So let’s talk chowder, clam chowder!Ahh, those beautiful succulent cherrystones. When made into chowder they explode with flavor.  Some prefer the creamy smooth taste of the New England Patriots while others crave the Giant’s lighter Manhattan Clam Chowder.  It’s a tough decision and even some love both (like me).  But rest assured, whatever side you are on on Sunday, you better pick the right one to serve to your crowd at the party. The super bowl is not taken lightly and neither should your chowder!

Manhattan-Giants Fan Favorite

Patriots New England Clam Chowder in bread bowl

Clams and Linguini

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Clams and Linguini is a classic Italian pasta dish that is a family favorite.  We often serve it as a first course before a fish dinner for a party.  Add a loaf of warm Italian bread and it is a meal by itself.

This is a simple recipe to make.  Use good ingredients like fresh clams, and extra virgin olive oil and you can’t miss.  I like to use a lot of minced fresh garlic sauteed lightly in olive oil and then reserve about a teaspoon full of raw garlic that I add at the very end along with a splash of extra virgin olive oil.  Some red pepper flakes and fresh parsley to garnish make for a festive dish with a lot of visual appeal.