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Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Sarah asks, Should I have sex with someone on the first date? Cindy says: The first date is a funny thing because sometimes you may have a history together and sometimes at different times of life or in different connections you may be looking for different outcomes. Passion is hard to read. Lean towards knowing it is right if you can. Sally says: No! You can wait until at least the second date. Coque huawei Outlet Gary says that if you have sex on the first date, the date might think you’re a slut. Michele says: It’s risky, my brother once commented that I married a one-night- stand. True, I picked my husband up in a bar and have spent the rest of my life with him. That having been said, I was lucky. There are some real crazies out there. “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” ring any bells? Probably not, before your time, but it isn’t pretty. Don’t have sex with someone you don’t know well, if you met in a bar or on-line, wait, spend some time together. If, on the other hand, this is someone you have known for a while, an old friend, someone you go to school with, then maybe this first date is what you’ve both been waiting for, an affirmation that you feel the same way about each other. achat coque samsung pas cher Joanna says; This is a tricky thing. Perhaps, if you know enough about the person and you already have a trust going on and knowledge of each other such as dating a friend or classmate or co-worker, some one you are already acquainted with, it can be a bit dicey when you do not have any previous knowledge. coque samsung s8 You might want to wait. coque iphone pas cher People who you think are very nice can later show some craziness. Visit our Advice section or ask your own question.

Meditaton and Squid

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

You may know my son Luke Mitrani as a pro snowboarder whose nick name is Squid. coque telephone pas cher Last night I was on the phone with him and we were skimming through ebay together trying to find the perfect RV for his next journey. The conversation made a turn from the physical journey of life to the spiritual journey. “Mom, have you been meditating?” The answer was yes. coque iphone outlet shop We both shared our stories about discovering how meditation is a worthwhile discipline to weave into one’s life. The truth is if Luke was a Beatle, he would be George. This morning when I checked my Facebook page Luke had posted on my wall a fairly unknown George Harrison on utube which reflects George’s deep connection to meditation and his pursuit of openly celebrating the spiritual world through music. It is interesting to know that this is the kind of thing you will find on Luke’s playlist for doing double corks in the half pipe. So the question is what is meditation? why do it? How do you do it? The bigger questions are why are we here? What is the meaning of life? For me meditation is clearing one’s mind and trying to connect to a quiet place closer to the core of an inner space of light and purity of spirit. There is much written on this ancient and fascinating discipline and everyone has different methods and philosophies. The point is to calm your mind and allow yourself to connect to an energy that will add clarity and peace in your life. I like meditation because you can do it anywhere (even in a half pipe?) Life can be stressful and meditation is useful for relaxation and going forward. coque huawei france I wish Luke and all of us luck as we journey through the physical and spiritual paths in our lives. Honor your inner self and you may discover like Luke that you can go higher than you ever thought possible. offre Coque pour Huawei Thankfully there is more to life than just connecting on facebook.

College Rejections

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

It’s that time of year when HS seniors across the country are checking their mail boxes, hoping for the big envelope. coque samsung s8 Most colleges notify you mid-march to mid-april, and anxiety levels reach an all time high. To all of you who have been accepted at the college of your choice, Congratulations! To those of you still waiting, hang in there. What if you’ve been rejected by all your choices? This can be really hard to cope with, but don’t despair, it could be a blessing in disguise. You may have gotten bad advice as to where to apply, there are so many schools out there, and one is right for you. produits coque huawei Talk personally to the admissions counselors at the schools that rejected you, find out what it would take to be accepted by their institution. See your guidance counselor again, but also look into a private counseling firm if you can afford it and if college is really the direction you want to take right now. If you applied simply because it was expected of you or because you didn’t know what else to do, this is your opportunity to think about the direction you want your life to take. Coque iphone Finding the right school takes a lot of thought and research. This is your chance to regroup, establish reasonable goals and focus on obtaining them. Maybe a year off in the work force or traveling will help you to focus and to find what’s right for you. Take some courses at a local community college, or enroll in a two-year program that will enable you to transfer your credits to a four year college. Really, this is just a temporary set-back, look at it as an opportunity. Coque huawei Outlet It’s not the end of your educational career, your hopes or your dreams, just a bump in the road. coque imprimé huawei pas cher Check out some other people who got rejection letters.

Arugula in The Winter Salad Garden

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

In my aromatherapy class we are all asked to bring a meal in the evening as the class goes from 5 to 9:30 and you need to break and recharge with such a long span of time. Achat coque huawei A woman in the class brought a great fresh salad of arugula and radishes with green onions all from her garden in February. Coque pour Huawei Here we are in the midst of winter and having a garden meal even with radishes sown in December! I always think of Radishes as being a early spring and all summer vegetable. Coque huawei Actually they don’t like it too hot or they go off into flower and seed even before finishing there lovely succulent watery, crispy, ball form. Arugula does well in cooler weather. It will make it through the summer heat, but most of them go off like a rocket into flower… Another name for arugula: rocket. Coque huawei P20 So we can plant the greens right now, all winter where there isn’t snow. It can even withstand a bit of frost. Coque huawei Outlet I brought along some of my tangerines and sugared violets, mint and lemon balm leaves as a celebration of the fragrant plants we are studying. This health conscious group didn’t even complain about the white sugar…

16 Spring Cleaning Tips

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

That’s right it’s spring cleaning time! While the thought of an organized clean house appeals to me, I admit it doesn’t come natural to me. In other words I hate housecleaning! So, I have compiled a list of tips to help myself get started. 1. coque iphone france Make a plan. Schedule time you can devote to just cleaning. Room by room is a good strategy. Sticking to specific tasks is another…. like scrubbing, vacuuming, closets, rug cleaning, etc. 2. Delegate. Often overlooked and the best tip of them all. If you have room mates, or family members try making a list and having them choose the chores they want to do. Can pick from a that. Most will do a better job if they feel like they are not being bossed around. Give a deadline and a simple reward like a favorite dinner for the household when the chores are done. 3. Gather or buy new cleaning solutions you will need. Think aroma therapy. The stores are full of delightful smelling products and many of them are not harmful to the environment. 4. Get yourself a pair of fun rubber clothes, and don some comfy sweats, to put you in the mood. If you are male, stick with yellow gloves. 5. Set it to music. coque samsung galaxy s8 Set up Pandora to dance music or play your favorite playlist on your ipod. Play it loud. Listen on some Frends headphones. 6. Turn off your phone. The ultimate sabotager when you need to get something done. 7. Groom your dog first. No fun vacuuming and cleaning for a shedding stinky dog! 8. Open the windows. Air out the house. It’s spring! 9. Put winter clothes away. Have a bag to donate to the thrift shop. coque de samsung galaxy s3 If you have some items you can sell to a consignment shop set them aside. Remember consignment shops need seasonal items so you may need to store these items to submit in the fall. 10. coque telephone pas cher Don’t forget the outside. Wait for a warm day and hose down or power wash the deck or patio. 11. Plan on editing or rotating chatckas. It will revitalize the room. 12. This is a great time for a new duvet, or pillow for the couch, a new set of drinking glasses that actually match, etc. Simple things like this are good for inspiration. 13. This is the time to rearrange furniture since you will be cleaning under things. 14. Re read Michele’s blogs on Feng Shui and Spring Cleaning-modified Feng Shui-unclutter that closet! 15. Check out our household tips on whatwouldmomsay or ask the moms a question about specific tasks in the search box on the top of this page. 16. When you are reasonably done reward yourself. A mani pedi is the obvious choice. Do not choose this if you are male.

Learn a language and get out of your comfort zone

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

I love to talk! Yes, I know that’s a shocking admission. Nothing shuts me up faster then not knowing the language of the places I travel. coque huawei Livraison rapide You know, the deer in the headlight expression you get when someone speaks quickly in their native dialect. Our world is getting smaller everyday.

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We’re talking to internet specialists in India and ordering items from fair trade companies in South America. coque iphone sale So I guess if I could give you all any advise, I’d say learn another language. Coque huawei Outlet This past spring I took a four week intensive Spanish class.

It was only 2 hours a day but my head would be spinning by the end. And once I got out of my comfort zone of being embarrassed by my pronunciation and started speaking in my slow “Tonto” voice, the small world of Sayulita, Mexico opened up. coque samsung Usually they would smile and correct me but I found the more I spoke, the more confident I got and the more conversations I was able to have. Beside being able to read road signs, I could read the menu and order.

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Everyone learns differently. For me, I need a classroom situation that enables me to ask questions. You might want to check the local high school, community college or adult learning center to see about available courses in your neighborhood. There are plenty of free (or inexpensive) programs for download or more structured computer classes like the Rosetta Stone. I found these programs very valuable when going over pronunciation and phrases. So if you’re a little intimidated (which I really understand) start with a simple, hello! A nice greeting with, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak your language” in their dialect will help you more than you know.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. coque pas cher samsung s8 No man does. That’s his.” Oscar Wilde Recently, I called an old friend who was close to my mom. The first words out of her mouth were, “My God! You sound like your mother.” Twenty minutes into the conversation she said, “You don’t just sound like Midge, you are your mother.” Is it inevitable? Will we all one day stare into the mirror and see our mother’s face, hear her words coming from our lips and assume her habits, bad and good? A recent survey by the people at Hallmark reports that at least 2/3 of women start becoming their mothers at age 32. Lucky for me, I liked my mom. coque samsung s8+ We fought a lot, she was often stubborn and I was often impatient with her, but I knew her love was un-conditional. When people call me my mother’s daughter, it pleases me and makes me proud. I wish she’d kept the worry and anxiety attacks out of the gene pool, and I would like to have an extra dose of her kindness. Her silliness, clapping when someone entered the room or marching around the house with a giant wooden spoon singing ’76 Trombones’, I own that now, I try to keep it under wraps, but I do own it. I also believe that my mom engaged every person that ever came with-in a 5 foot radius in conversation. It embarrassed the hell out of me as a teenager. coque samsung Now, impromptu conversations with strangers delight me, even while I know my kids are rolling their eyes. My point is, that there is a good possibility that you will take on the characteristics, whether through nature or nurture, of the person who has had the greatest impact on your life, most often, your mother. coque imprimé huawei pas cher It’s important to let go of the fantasy/nightmare mom and embrace the real woman, with all her faults and all her gifts. Get to know her and make your peace with her. Some of you will absolutely hate the idea of becoming anything like your mother. For you, I pulled this quote from an article on, ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I My Mother After All?’ By Dr. Vivian Diller; “Remember, human nature leads us to repeat history unless we take active measures to change the patterns we learn and absorb. If you know from where you came, changing the course of your future is possible. Insight requires awareness. Change requires effort. Who knows? If you can liberate yourself from your past, you may even find more compassion for your less-liberated Mom and take her off that psychological hot seat once and for all.

Hey Mom… I’m getting another Tattoo

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Well, you can get a tattoo whenever you want to when you are over 18. Do you have to ask your mom? No… Do you need to tell your mom? Well… YES! It may not be comfortable if you know that she would rather not see your whole body inked, but if you are showing it off on Facebook, then really send her the text or photo on your iPhone before you put it up. coque iphone for sale It isn’t the most comfortable phone call if you know she really isn’t going to shout for joy and be happy for you, so I really wouldn’t mind just the text or the photo, but do let me in on it before a friend tells me ” hey I saw your son’s new tattoos on Facebook”. You may love it but she doesn’t have to. She may mourn that she will never see her son’s body as the physique of her memory ever again. I was just flipping channels on TV last night and there were these young men in a pool on the Batchelorette. They all were clean chested, no tatoos, maybe arms but I didn’t see any. I thought for a moment of the human body and how elegant it is and realized I was not going to see my son’s sleek muscles unadorned with ink ever again. The cap sleeve and then the full sleeve… He couldn’t hide it from the critical eye of his grandparents anymore. Wearing long sleeved shirts in the summer for family gatherings finally got old and he came out. They still don’t like to see it. I got used to it. The art of Tatoo is really interesting. What people choose to adorn their body for life is a strong decision and I know they don’t take it lightly. I have admired the art. Mostly the floral art. Lotus’ are a subject from ancient asian art and the meaning in history and is of awakening and rising from the muddle, and mud from the depths of the pond, a metaphor for the muck and mire of the mind, of the earthly life, into glorious beauty and power. Yes I would get a lotus. There are so many choices and an artist will design her own and take it to the tattoo artist and collaborate. Where to place it: lower back and feet are the first places for women, but the sleeve is very good for a larger tattoo and one that can morph and develop as you come up with further designs. Tattoos then be elaborated on. Coque pour Samsung Staring with a design… Does one plan to add to it later? Some such as the florals can always be organically tied into more vining twining flowers. I really do see the beauty in the art, even the rough viseral grisly ones my son has with the skin tearing open to the muscle and bones structure below. Vente Coque samsung The art is incredible and creative. My favorite that he has is the Scorpion on his back. It has mechanical joints as though it were robotic, and the fact that he was a fan of Transformers as a boy and the scary Alien movies and loved that art comes through on his body art.Human muscle transformed to machine. It is strong good art… but couldn’t you just hang the poster? I can admire the art and placement on other people. I feel that with all the friends and strangers I see with ink that I don’t judge them, yet I know that it does happen. The critic in others, the judgement, the rudeness, the condescension that some treat those different to us. IT is hard not to look at someones tattoos piercings when in conversation. coque samsung 2018 Just what is that in their ear, you want to see but try not to stare. What stone is in her nose ring? On his eyebrow, on their tongues? But back to INK. Somehow I don’t wish for his beautiful skin to be covered, totally covered in ink. It is his to do with what he wants. My gift to him. It is not mine to be in charge of. It is not for me to boss him and make him feel shame or regret, yet I wish some where in there was a little bit of” I won’t get my whole body tattooed because it might make others uncomfortable around me , it might bring the wrong attention to me and cause conflicts that wouldn’t otherwise have to happen. I don’t want him scrutinized for his body art. I am sure his grandfather, my dad, will be giving the young men he sees all tattooed up dirty looks. coque iphone prix Unless it is their favorite waiter at their favorite restaurant… Then he will make some wise crack about when was he a sailor and in what port did he get his tattoos, was he drunk when he got it… That was the past story, Sailors, in port in foreign lands would go out on a drunk and wake up tattoed… And even, sometimes married. There was the girlfriend, the boat, the anchor and your mother were the tattoos. The temporary tattoo could be fun for the summer at the beach… the lovely henna browns and reds. Tattoos are to be treated with caution and I know that he uses his topical antiseptic to prevent infection. The skin ointments that promote healing. He left a tube in my car and I am sure that is because he had a carry on bag and it was too large to walk through the security with and he didn’t want to chance it and I know he has some to use when he gets home.

So I love you.

The cost of kindness, it won’t kill you

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

When I crossed the street in front of the Port Authority dragging my big yellow Samsonite suitcase, the last thing I expected was a man picking up the back and helping me to the other side. It was the first 10 minutes in NYC at the tender age of 22. coque huawei This simple random act of kindness has stayed with me for 34 years. coque samsung pas cher Kindness by definition is generosity of spirit, charity, compassion, considerate, a helpful act and warmhearted. Coque Huawei France Are we naturally kind? How hard is it to be kind? Kindness has been on my mind for a few months, maybe I don’t feel like I’m kind enough or have I told my daughters the price of kindness? Growing up with two very kind mentors, have I done my job? Is that job ever done? Does kindness breed kindness?

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As I pondered the cost of kindness and my role in that world I came across a few quotes. “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”-Mark Twain “The best portion of a good man’s life-his little nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love”-William Wordsworth “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late”-Ralph Waldo Emerson Take a minute and look around you. coque iphone outlet store Where could you spread a little kindness? The cost is cheap and it certainly won’t kill you.

12 Tips For The Perfect Burger

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Grilling the Perfect Burger is somewhat of an art form. Done right and you’ve got a juicy mouth watering satisfying meal. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 1. Start with a chopped meat at least 18% fat. Chuck will make a juicy burger. 2. Figure 1/3 lb to 1/2 a lb per burger. Make into a shape to fit the bun. coque Samsung Galaxy S8 Do not pack meat. 3. Generously season both sides with salt and pepper. coque samsung prix 4. Depress your thumb in the middle to help with even cooking 5. Put on a pre heated medium to high temp grill. If using a pan on the stove preferably cast iron. Coque iphone Preheat the pan. 6. Resist flipping the burger. You only flip once! 7. Never pat the burger witha spatula. coque iphone sale The point is to retain the juices. 8. coque samsung pas cher If you like your burger more well done them move to a lower heat and cook slowly. 9. A meat thermometer is a handy tool to insure perfect doneness. 10. Add cheese last minute. Remove before totally melted. 11. Remove to plate and cover loosely with aluminum foil to let meat rest and finish melting cheese, for about 5-10 minutes. 12. Have favorite condiments ready with a toasted bun.