Holiday Decorating-have some fun!

Once you have found the “perfect” tree for your home, then the real fun begins, decorating! I switch between white lights and multi-colored lights.  It’s either all white or multi-colored for me!  If it’s multi year, then everything is multi including the window candles each having a different colored light. Then in white light years,  I usually go for a more traditional look with deep red or burgundy bows.  The tree also has the same theme.  So I have white crystal garland, jewel toned garland and garland that looks like rock candy.  We used to string popcorn and cranberries until the dog ate all the garland and almost knocked over the tree!  Our ornaments are a collection of over 25 years with quirky glass, paper and wood. The girls kindergarten homemade ones have the prominent spot in the front.  Shelby was always planning a craft day around the holidays, I think we kept Michaels in business. Whether you make your own or shop for decorations at Target, take care when packing your ornaments and lights so you can use them year after year.  Save the ornament boxes, tissue paper and wrap the lights and secure with twisty ties so they don’t tangle.  Set time aside to decorate with your friends or family and make it a party, have some fun with your decorating!

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