The best lobster bisque … it’s that time again!

Thinking about making something different for New Year’s Eve? Lobster Bisque is a festive, filling soup that let’s your friends know you care enough about them to make something special. I’m not going to tell you that this is one of our super simple dishes but it is worth the time.

lobster bisque

I can’t take credit for this dish, I’ve taken it from the New Basics Cookbook (the original Silver Pallet writers) changed a few ingredients. The complete recipe is in our cookbook but I included a few step by step pictures here to help. coque huawei pas cher

chop tails into 2 inch pieces and find a good fish stock

watch Cindy making roux on you tube

If the lobster is too expensive for your budget try switching out the lobster with crab and shrimp. coque telephone samsung j3 This time a year many markets put their frozen shrimp and crabmeat on sale.

after the "meat" is cooked, marinate in Madera or Marsala wine

almost finished, remove the shells, strain and use your emulsion blender before adding the meat back into the soup.

If you do go this route, find a good fish stock to “beef” up the broth. coque pas cher samsung s8 I serve the bisque in a small bread bowl.

Bread Bowls

Hollow the bowls out, reserving the inside bread and warm the “bowls” in the oven. coque samsung 2018 Scoop a ladle full of bisque into the bowls and place the top and insides on the edge for dipping. If you get into trouble, shoot us an email.

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