HELP…there’s a squirrel on my head!

At 11:45 last night you may have heard a scream coming out of Vermont.  I was dead asleep to be woken up by a little red squirrel leaping right on my head, on to my headboard, into the window, back on the floor…you get the picture.  Sometimes our wild life friends find a way to find shelter in the house either by accident or seeking warmth or food.  I had one of these critters vacationing in my attic last year that could be heard at night scratching away.  Lucky for me I have a friend with a Have a Heart Trap, which is a wonderful solution to this type of situation.  Just a little peanut butter and you set it up to capture  these misdirected creatures and then you can set them free.  

I have had birds, bats, a rat, mice and even a cat try to set up residence in my house. All require different operations to get rid of them.  The Have a Heart Trap I will admit is my favorite due to it’s humanity and effectiveness, but it is only good for certain creatures .  A broom to direct a bird or a bat out the door can get you dancing like Fantasia’s Mickey Mouse.

My akita Queeny in her day  could’ve handled almost anything to wander in the house.  But now she is a bit too tired to care.  Certainly a cat is the solution to keeping the mice out.If you don’t have a pet to defend you against mice and other creatures, you may decide to use poison or a mouse trap.  You must be careful with poison as it is also toxic to your pets.  These traps and poisons are easy to find at your hardware store or supermarket which tells you just how common the problem is.

As far as the neighbor’s cat in our house,   just go ahead and feed him, that is if you want him to stay forever.  He could help with the mice!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Please know that Have a Heart doesn’t always work for red squirrels and you can be sure that you have many more. I had 4 years of trying to rid my house of them. even the pest control people couldn’t figure out how they were getting in. I listened to the sound of chewing and little feet and squeaking. the chewed holes in the kitchen and dinning room ceiling and yes I can relate, one dropped into my kitchen and there followed a scene from a slap-stick comedy, only it wasn’t funny as they do not think twice about attacking back.
    they never got caught in the HH they would get the food and leave. Good luck!

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