Aromatherapy… Essential Oils for Health

I love the fragrances,  and living with and using the lovely essential oils can lead you into a healthier life, or so I have been told. I have always been close to flowers and I believed there was magic in their fragrances. Not only the flowers but also leaves and barks, and fruits. The oils are gathered in a variety of ways, but steam distillation is a main one. There is cold pressing for some, such as the citrus.

Essential oils are the immune system of plants. They protect the plant from bacteria and illness, in desert plants they keep the plant from dehydrating, protecting the surface of the leaves from heat. They attract the insects to pollinate and protect and deter others from attacking. Even animal herbivores are deterred from many plants by the plant’s essential oils such as many of us gardeners plant rosemary and lavender that the deer won’t eat. There is that and that the lavender will be great in wreath making, in sachets for the lingerie drawer, in cookies and cakes and to crush in our hands and enjoy the fragrance that ensues.

Essential oils affect us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are antibacterial and some are anti viral anti fungal. You can ad them to an oil that you like, drop a few droplets in the bath, use them sparingly as they are strongly fragrant and you don’t need much, but don’t worry if you find it overwhelming and you spilled too much. They dissipate and evaporate. You skin will take it in and absorb the essence and it moves through the epidermis and dermis and  into your Bloodstream and wanders to the place where it might be useful. It doesn’t stay and build up in the body but vanishes eventually right down the toilet… really.

Well… this is sounding rather technical and boring isn’t it. But I was so interested in finding that there was real science in the essential oil experience. I always just thought it was magic, because things smell good they made me feel good. But it is even the process of smelling and the brain taking the information and sharing it with our organs and mind. The brain helps us to take this aromatic experience and make it a benefit to our body, our mood , and our psyche.

Don’t you wish you could rub the essence of this bouquet onto your body or float it in the tub… Well you can. Essential oils can be found in our natural food stores, Whole Foods obviously, our little Herb Room in Santa Cruz. Add them to your lotion or a moisturizing oil such as jojoba, apricot kernel oil, or even our olive oil we use to cook with. Just a little oil in the palm of your hand and a single drop of these intense concentration of plant power, flower power, and rub some lavender on your aching neck or your feet. Lavender will balance , calm and in a way even energize you.  Rub a little orange oil with some body oil on you solar plexis, just above the navel and you may wake in the morning feeling a bit joy that wasn’t there the week before. Sunshine on a cloudy day.

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