Super Bowl Sunday Party

Oh yeah, the big game is this Sunday and for many it’s more than a football game…it’s a partay.  New York Giants vs New England Patriots and Madonna is singing at half time.  A perfect excuse to gather a group of your friends together to watch the game and that’s right eat.

Super Bowl is all American style and all about easy party foods  Check out our cook book at whatwouldmomsay for some ideas for making your party one to remember.  Everyone loves chicken wings.  Try these jalapeno cheddar  wings, or some chile.  If you are ordering a cold cut platter for sandwiches try making some home made potato salad or  Sal’s cole slaw. Everyone loves my cold ziti salad.  The list goes on.  Ribs are easy to make and a crowd pleaser.  Serve with creamy macaroni and cheese.

Super Bowl Sunday is about fun.  Doesn’t really matter whom you’re rooting for, just make sure you do it with some good food, good friends, and dance shoes for half time.

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