Avgolemono Greek Chicken Lemon Soup

In honor of Greek Easter this Sunday I thought I’d make the classic Greek Chicken Lemon Soup, called Avgolemono. You don’t have to be Greek or be able to say Avgolemono to enjoy this wonderful lemony soup. coque imprimé huawei Avgolemono means egg lemon. Perfect to start a big elaborate meal or serve as a simple supper with some warm pita bread. This soup is easy to make. It’s a matter of whisking eggs and lemon juice til frothy, and then whisking them into the chicken chicken broth. The rice is cooked right in the broth. coque iphone occasion These two steps give the soup it’s rich thick and creamy texture. The lemon zest and eggs give it an appetizing yellow color. Once you’ve had this soup it will be no wonder as to why it has earned iconic recognition as the most famous traditional Greek soup. Coque Huawei 2018 It is unique in flavor and texture and everyone loves it. coque huawei If you are a soup person like me please find this Avgolemono and many other great spring soup recipes like Joanna’s delicious vegetarian asparagus soup or my watercress soup. Happy Greek Easter. Happy Spring.

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