Jet Lag-What to do?

Being a seasoned traveler, you’d think I wouldn’t get jet lag. Think again. On my most recent jaunt this weekend, I started to think about a few things that help me prepare for the trip both physically and mentally.

1. Get plenty of rest the night before your trip-this is hard for me since I always wake up early and check the clock a hundred times before a morning flight.

2. Abstain from alcohol and caffeine the night before and during your trip-both dehydrate you and do you really want to be hungover when you arrive?

3.Lay out your clothes the night before-be prepare, not rushed in the morning.  Wear loose fitting clothes and throw a sweater and a pair of socks in your bag in case the air conditioning is on high. This doesn’t mean you have to wear sweatpants just something comfortable.  I like to wear dark in case I spill on myself.

4.Avoid greasy and salty foods-the salts make you bloat and the grease will keep you running to the bathroom.

5. Adjust your internal and external clocks-set your watch to the arrival city and get started on that sleep pattern.  If you arrive at midnight don’t stay up all night,  go to bed and rest. Try to only sleep 6-8 hours and keep naps to a max of 1 hour

6.Take vitamins and wash you hands-start taking vitamins a week in advance to boost your immune system and remember to wash you hands a lot.  There’s a million a day traveling, so the chance of getting a cold is pretty good.

7.Get a little exercise-yes, it would be a  little during the flight but getting up and moving around a bit on a long flight is good for the circulation.

8. Try not to stress-if you get delayed or your flight gets canceled, it’s hard not to stress but this is really out of your control and not good for your health.  Bring along a good book and a little extra cash for a hotel room.

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