Don’t Act Like This On Mother’s Day

This is a funny video my son Jack made as a parody of the TV show Super Sweet 16. The reality show gives you a glimpse on the spoiled brats of America and the way their parents try in vain to please them with over the top parties. The kids are generally impossible to please no matter what they are given, and we see brathood brought to an extreme and disturbing level. My son Jack finds the humor in this dynamic and made this playful video with me for a good laugh. Do not act like this!!!

It’s Mother’s Day and time to be mindful about the mothers of the world and the love we share. The lesson is gratitude and respect should be practiced everyday! Thanks Jack for the joke and the fun and being the opposite of the character in the video. Love is all you need.

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  1. Louisa says:

    Hahah.. this video is funny every time.. ” Wow I would be pretty bummed too” 🙂

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