First apartment/house decorating

Are you done with school and tired of living in dorms?  Did you get your first job and your parents are suggesting the door? It’s time to move on to your own place. After going through the exhausting hunt for the perfect apartment or house to move to, the real fun begins …. decorating to make it a home.

typical upper east side apartment building

My first apartment was on the upper east side of Manhattan.  When I think of it now, it really wasn’t too bad.  It had good bones, wood floors, two bedrooms and a large living room. My room mates and I spent the better part of  a month, rummaging through street furniture that people were leaving on the curb.  We successfully filled almost our entire apartment with street stuff.

old table painted purple

Probably the easiest fix to update old furniture is paint.  If the piece is wood, take steel wool and “rough up” the surface.  Brush off the dust and paint.  Don’t be afraid to use different finishes like marbling or distress.  Most paint stores can give you instructions on how to create a different look.

fresh paint brightens a room

Cover old cushions with new fabric by draping and pinning underneath.   Some cushioned seats will pop up and the fabric could be stapled to the board.  I just covered old cushions recently with Mexican blankets and bought new pillow covers to give an old rattan couch a lift.

recover with Mexican blankets and pillow cover

While I was in Boulder moving my daughter into her new digs, she came across a new couch in a used furniture shop.  During move in week some stores bring inexpensive new things into their shops.  The couch is big, soft, new and clean. With some throw pillow and a rug, the living room will be looking pretty spiffy.

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