Is the date rape drug disappearing-not so fast.

Can you believe that adult women could be so unsuspecting? The Real Housewives were at a promotion event at a NYC bar. A middle age man (a fan not a waiter) approached them with cocktails on a tray which they chugged down.  They never questioned where the cocktails were from.  They ended the evening on the bathroom floor throwing up and past out.

Many date rape incidents gone unreported.  Girls either think they were too drunk and not drugged or embarrassed they put themselves in that situation. Each one of my daughters and their friends has a story about the date rape drug.  Either they saw someone put it in a friends drink, saw someone completely out of it in a bar or even saw a bartender do it.  In each of these cases they took care of their friend but none reported it to the police.  In one incident, a male friend actually beat up the bad guy! Never, never accept a drink from someone you don’t know and don’t know where it comes from.

What is a date rape drug?
Sally’s Answer:

Rohypnol or commonly know as roofies is sold illegally in the United States. It is sold legally in Europe and Latin American to treat insomnia. The tablets are white with the word Roche printed on them and are inexpensive. Roofies are undetectable when dissolved in liquid. They are used to inhibit the person in order to make them unaware of sex.

What are the symptoms of the date rape drug?

Sally’s Answer:

Dizzy, disoriented,hot and cold sweats,confusion,nausea, difficulty speaking, low blood pressure, passing out. When mixed with alcohol (which happens in most cases) it is very dangerous with blackouts and memory loss from 8-24 hours.

How can I protect myself against the date rape drug?

Sally’s Answer:Never accept drinks from strangers or people you do not trust. When accepting a drink, make sure it comes from an unopened container. Never put your drink down to go to the bathroom or dance. Take your drink with you or finish it. Get your own drink from the bar. Inform other women about date rape drugs. Have a designated non drinking person at the bar. Never leave your friends at a bar or party alone. Be careful how much alcohol you drink so you don’t become prey. For more information contact National Women’s Health –

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