Renew, Reuse, Recycle; Home Decorating-Part One

Doing this website, thinking about furnishing a new apartment, recycling, saving money, has led me to recognize that I am an authority on recycling.    I am the queen of recycling when it comes to furniture. There is a reason for this.  I hate to shop.  There are some things that I will shop for, and enjoy it.  Art work, I love galleries; books, I will spend hours in a book store; antiques, love them, but can’t afford most of the real ones; and junk.

From my father's office, re-upolstered in a Purple velvet Ralph Lauren remnant

I don’t shop for furniture.   I’m not a garage sale shopper or even a classified ads shopper, I don’t do Craig’s List or e-bay. although I think these might be good ways to find great buys. No, I prefer to wait until people offer me things, or decide to throw them away, or give them to me. As a result, most of my home furnishings have a history.

This table I bought from a friend who didn't sell it at her house sale

I love my things, not so much that I can’t live with out them, but enough that I take them with me when I move. So many of them come with a story.

This came from a friends mom, she was moving to a smaller apartment. It was one of those big dark 50's style tables. I had it stripped and sanded and refinished it myself

They belonged to people I’ve loved, or were given to me by people who loved me. Some of them, I had to work at,  some were gifts, some were finds, some I grew up with.  They’re just things, but they are things the way I like them. I didn’t pay a lot for any of them, and yet, they’re worth more to me than anything Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn could sell me.

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