Container Planting, Be Creative

Gardening is so not my thing. coque de telephone samsung s7 I like digging in the dirt, getting my hands dirty, I love the results when the work is done right. I just don’t have the stick-to-it attitude required to keep up with weeds and bugs and garden pests. coques Samsung pas chères We don’t even have a lawn, we do however, have a deck and it’s great for the kind of gardening I can do. Achat Coque iPhone Container gardening is fun and easy for those of us who don’t have a green thumb, and in places like Vermont where the danger of frost lasts well into May, it’s a way to start early. Your potted plants can easily be placed in a sheltered area. Be creative, use what’s available, experiment. One year, I found an old dresser by the curb, it was pretty so I brought it home, took it out to my deck, tiered the drawers, and used it as a planter. coque huawei I’ve seen bathtubs, coffee cans, laundry baskets, washtubs, wagons and even an old commode used as planters.Use your imagination, hit the second hand stores and yard sales. It’s a great way to re-use and re-cycle. Just make sure your container provides drainage, poke holes in the bottom and add an inch of gravel, stones, marbles or broken pottery so water has a place to seep. Do use large containers, the smaller ones can’t hold enough water on those hot summer days. coque imprimé huawei pas cher I searched the web and came up with a couple of sites with great ideas, one even has a dresser! Jo is our gardening guru, I defer to her in all matters related.

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  1. celita says:

    I have linked you at

    I am sorry if I should have asked permissionfirst. I just loved the image and I thought it went perfectly with the post. Let me know if it is okay. thank you.

  2. Joanna says:

    Wow I love that dresser planted. You have to be willing to watch it decay, but WOW!

    I want to go into my barn and see what I have that I can transform into a wonderful whimsical garden feature. Thank you for such inspiration to transform a garden space. I like BIG pots in the forest. and rusty metals. I have a few old iron and brass headboards and want to make a bed of flowers somewhere with them. Any one have some photos to share of their crazy and creative garden scenes.

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