Easter dinner-the holy ham!

For years our family had lamb on Easter, until the day I found out that I was pregnant with Shelby.  We bought our usual leg of lamb that we cooked on the grill, opened the bag and found the lamb was rancid. I ran to the bathroom and immediately vomited.  Gary an American born Scottish tight wad threw the lamb in the back of the truck, drove to the supermarket and exchanged it for a ham.  Meanwhile, I went to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test and had the news waiting for him when he returned home with the ham. We had a lot to celebrate that Easter!

So 20 years ago, I searched for the perfect glazed ham, scalloped potatoes and asparagus.  The greatest thing is that all are easy recipes! A fresh ham will take about eight hours to cook and a spiral smoked ham about one and a half hours which both can be cooked with a glaze.  The internal temperature should be 140 degree when you take it from the oven.  Julia Child’s dauphine for scalloped potatoes (which means cooked in milk) is my favorite recipe. This is asparagus season so make its grilled or blanched with orange butter sauce.  I top off Easter dinner with a light assorted green salad in a raspberry dressing or Manasquan Layered Salad. Strawberries and either shortcake or Joanna’s angel food cake recipe and chocolate is the perfect ending.

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