Men’s Fashion; Go Vintage

Suit by Tommy Hilfiger. Shirt by Lands’ End Canvas. Bow tie by Gilbert & Lewis. Suspenders by Topman. Sunglasses by Moscot. Shoes by G.H. Bass & Co. Estimated cost; $500

We are looking forward to two weddings in the WWMS family next year.  Cindy’s daughter, Liza, will marry her beloved, Jared and my nephew Rob will be married to the lovely Allie. In anticipation of the festivities, Kylie sent a link to GQ, featuring Glee’s Darren Criss,  from one of her favorite fashion blogs.

Suit and shirt by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie by Club Monaco. Loafers by Alfred Sargent. Estimated cost; $2,000+

I took it upon myself to check the average cost of these designer outfits and I’m telling you right now, start thinking Vintage. Almost every decent sized city has a good second hand store, or check on-line.  Men’s fashion doesn’t change all that dramatically over the years, and I’m sure you can put together similar looks at a fraction of the price.

1960's Vintage

Our own Hayley is starting an on-line Vintage Company, The Backseat Bingo. Next time you shop Hayley, think about dressing my boys.  OK, That didn’t come out quite right, but you know what I mean.

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