Perfect Corned Beef Sandwich

I wanted to share with you this simple and delicious way of making baked corned beef to create a fantastic corned beef sandwich.  By removing the corned beef from one simmering pot of boiling water to another spare pot of boiling water you reduce the saltiness of the meat.  When tender after simmering for 3-4 hours you place the corned beef into a preheated oven covered in a sweet mixture of pineapple juice, brown sugar, and dry mustard.  The results are amazing.  A tender glazed corned beef perfect for sandwiches.

I find the flat cut corned beef to be the most tender cut.  I like to buy a corned beef when they are on sale because they are usually dated with a good two weeks on the expiration date.  The traditional way to serve corned beef is with cabbage.  All you do is add the cabbage to the same simmering pot as the corned beef to give it that special flavor.  Potatoes and carrots are often added too with great results.

This perfect corned beef sandwich is best served on rye bread with mustard. You can add cheese if you like.  It would go well with a cold side salad like Sal’s cole slaw.  Don’t forget the pickles!

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