How do I keep the noodles from absorbing all the broth when I make soup?

Cindy's answer: I keep the noodles separate and add them to the bowl when serving. You can store the noodles separate in the fridge too.

Sally's answer: Cook the noodles separately then add to the soup. Noodles throw off a lot of starch when cooking so that's what makes your soup thicken. If you want the soup thickened you might want to add raw noodles to the broth to cook. Always keep a container of broth handy to thin things out.

Joanna's answer: Sometimes I like the brothy noodles ... Day-old soupy noodles .... But if you want them fresh and "al dente " cook them to the desired texture and add them to the soup right before serving. This helps to keep you from overcooking while waiting to serve the soup.


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