Is it safe to take advil or tylenol after drinking alcohol?

Sally's answer:

Try not to drink when you are taking medication for a headache or cold. You might think that the over the counter drugs are harmless when mixed with alcohol, it's the opposite. There's been studies about liver damage with over use of these drugs and when combined with alcohol, it could be much worse. Also, if you're sick, I don't think drinking alcohol has ever been a remedy for the common cold. Although my grandmother wanted to give me blackberry wine when I was sick,  I immediately threw up!

Michele's answer:

Tylenol and other acetaminophen products have been shown to cause liver damage when combined with alcohol. Advil and ibuprofen products combined with alcohol can cause stomach problems including bleeding, so no, it's not a good idea to combine them. It's really not a good idea to combine any other drugs with alcohol. If you are taking something for pain or for a cold or allergy, hold off on drinking until you are better.

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