Pizza Dough
Some of my favorite pizza combinations are.... mushrooms and leeks. Saute these before using them on your pizza. Procciutto and gruyere and/or fontina cheese. I made a dessert pizza a few nights ago with thinly sliced pear and blue cheese.


  • 1 package yeast
  • 1 cup tepid warm water
  • 3 cups bread ( or regular)flour
  • pinch of sugar or honey( needed to activate the yeast
  • olive oil... to pour to cover the dough... it could take half a cup depending on if the dough dries out much while rising.

Mix one package of yeast with one cup very very warm water. I was warned in the past that the water should not be too hot or the yeast may over react and go off to quickly, but I found that the reverse is also true and that if the water isn't hot enough then nothing happens and I have to open another yeast and start over. Add a pinch of sugar that helps the yeast to activate. Wait a couple of minutes and the yeast will form a skin on top of the water mixture in the cup.
While waiting for the skin to appear on the yeast. Measure 3 cups of flour. A bread flour is nice. I have found an italian bread flour that is lovely for pizza. Add a pinch of salt to the flour.
Put the flour into the bowl of your mixer and turn it on low. Add the water/yeast mixture as it turns. The dough should start to form and stick together , but sometimes it just doesn't. If it is too dry and not balling up then add a little bit more warm water ... just a drizzle at a time. I rinse the yeast coated cup lightly to get the last yeast out of it to use. Maybe just a couple of tablespoons of warm water. I have a great mixer so making pizza dough is easy. If the dough is too gooey and wet, then add a little bit of flour at a time until it isn't sticky. The Kitchenaid mixer has some great bread mixing kneading attachements. After the dough is just married into a nice lump, then I put the kneading tool on.
Now pour some olive oil in a medium sized bowl and place the dough in coat the dough ball in it  over the top so the dough is totally coated in oil. Wet a  dish towel well and lay it over the top of the bowl. You will need to be sure that this towel stays damp or the dough will get crusty and try out and won't be usable. set the bowl of dough in a sunny windo or warm locatioon and wait for it to rise. I usually turn my oven on to 200 dgrees and set the bowl on the stove on top of it. This is cheating, but I am not patient and iot can be a drag to come back an hour or two later and find that nothing has happened or not much rising has occurred. You can make the dough a day or two ahead of time. I have found that to work best as the dough is more pliable after resting a few days.

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