Joanna's Marinated Cracked Crab

Variations: instead of roasted red pepper add a chopped fresh tomato Instead of yellow onion used scallions or green onions Add an extra lemon if desired Add two cloves chopped garlic A splash of red or white wine vinegar rather than my favorite balsamic vinegar


 2 whole crabs cleaned and cracked from the seafood store

 1/2 cupOlive oil
 1/4 bunch of Fresh Italian parsley
1/2 cup of choppedYellow onion
1 large pepper from a jar of Roasted peppers or the tiny jar of pimento peppers 
Olives... pitted or not but pitted is easier to eat
One or two whole lemons
Option: a splash of balsamic vinegar only if you like it that way.

When buying your crab at your favorite butcher or wharf if you live near an ocean, ask them to clean and crack the crab for you. Cleaning is a tedious process that I only once had to try when I didn't know about what a crab is all about. So when they ask if you want it cleaned you say YES and crack it too for this marinated recipe. Find a plastic container that will hold your crab and plan to buy it and marinade it over night for the following day.

Joanna's Marinated Cracked Crab
Total Time:
Prep Time:0 min.
Cook Time:0 min.
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