Potato Latkas (potato pancakes)

 These potatoe latkas are irrisistable!!!!!  My son Jack is famous for eating the most in his nursery school.  My family like sto dip them in apple sauce.  YUM!

  •  4 large potatoes (Idaho baking potatoes work well) grated
  • 1 medium yellow onion diced
  • 1 extra large egg
  • 2 TBS matzo meal
  • about one cup vegetable oil
  • salt
  • Clean potatoes and grate using the grating side of a metal hand held grater (can use a food processor)
  • Dice onions as fine as possible
  • Place mixture in a dish towel.  Roll up and squeeze excess water from potato mixture (you must work quickly or potatoes will turn brown)
  • Transfer mixture to a bowl add matzo meal and egg and combine
  • Heat oil in pan using enough to coat bottom about 1/4 an inch
  • Using a tablespoon add potato mixture to heated oil and press down lightly to form pancake shape to form pancakes the size of about 5 inch diameter
  • Continue frying in batches turning pancakes when golden brown once on each side
  • Transfer to a dish with a paper towel and drain
  • Salt latkas while they are hot
  • Serve immediately or warm up in low oven
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Potato Latkas (potato pancakes)
Total Time:1 hour(s) 30 minutes
Prep Time:60 min.
Cook Time:30 min.
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