Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked salmon or lox
  • thinly sliced red onion
  • sliced cucumbers 
  • capers 
  • cream cheese or Creme fraiche 
  • dill
  • rye bread sliced or corn bread muffins or some kind of cracker .
  • Peel the pieces of smoked salmon or lox apart so that they can easily be picked up with a fork by your guests .
  • Take some dill and either pinch it into small pieces or chop a bit , but not too finely , with a knife.
  • Slice cucumbers fairly thinly .
  • Arrange the various ingredients nicely on a plate... a pile of red onions a row of cucumbers a long sprig of dill. Put a chunk of creame cheese or large scoop of creme fraiche on the plate. Have a tiny bowl or ramekin handy for the capers ( even a small teacup), drain them before putting them out (reserve the fruid in the jar, though, so the rest that you don't use won't dry out before you use them).
  • Put breads and crackers in a small basket.
Smoked Salmon
Total Time:
Prep Time:0 min.
Cook Time:0 min.
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