Medical Emergency Call 911

American Association of Poison Control Centers 800-222-1222

Mayo Clinic - will take email, will not diagnosis over the web but requests you call 911 for emergency

Narcotics Anonymous - 818-773-9999

Alcoholic Anonymous - (go to web site to check for meetings in you area)

Suicide hotlines:

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide - 800-273-8255 800-784-2433

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

Planned Parenthood - 800-230-PLAN (7526)

National Eating Disorders - help line 800-931-2237

AAA Roadside Assistance and Member Services - 800-AAA-HELP

College Resources


Scholarship and Grant Search Sites

Loan Search Sites

Federal and State Loan Programs

Featured Question

Why is my gravy so lumpy?

The flour can clump up. Best to strain your gravy and use a whisk while adding flour.

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Featured Recipe

Stuffing-Sal's Apple and Sausage

Stuffing-Sal's Apple and Sausage

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