Are orchids hard to take care of?

Cindy's answer: They are easy to care for.. the trick is not to over water them. They need light but not so much. They are a good house plant.

Joanna's answer: They are so easy its scary. They carry such beauty when in bloom but when they are done, it can take a while for them to come back into bloom. They will live long unless they get a pest or you don't water them for a month or two. I have a room in Vermont that is filled with light and they re-bloom constantly. Such a treat in the winter months! Yet in my home in California where I live in a darker forest setting with less direct light coming in, I have a bench of orchids that I am waiting forever to bring back into bloom. If you have a problem with them re-blooming, ask a local nursery that has a green house if they will take them over for you. Ask your parents to keep them if they have a nicely light window to set them in ... and if they are down to one yellowing leaf put it in the compost in the end.

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